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Just... WOW!

In case you haven't been keeping up to date with the tech-world, VR (Virtual Reality) has been on the horizon of at-home entertainment for a while. Then, in 2010, it became a reality.Skip ahead nine years and we have VR-ARRIVAL, an immersive experience you rarely find in Perth.

Step over the threshold and their wonderful team will welcome you in and show you to your own section. They'll pop the headset on your head and get your hands set up with the controllers. Within moments you're being walked through the tutorial on how to use your VR. It's so accurate that when our team member gently tapped their controllers together, they connected in the virtual world. Down to the millimeter accuracy. The walkthrough is entertainment in itself with a couple of moments that will make even the most cynical adult giggle.


Then your hour starts and the actual challenge - choosing a game. You have dozens to choose from, so it's wise to do a bit of homework beforehand and check the expansive list on their website (pro-tip, search for videos of the game on YouTube as well). There's something for everyone with child games right through to horror (a big NOPE from us).

Our team member went with a favourite - Beat Saber. Think: Guitar Hero but with lightsabers. If that doesn't help, visit the video here and check it out for yourself. The hour disappears in moments, the VR-ARRIVAL team are there to assist you in extricating yourself from the setup and you're left to meander down the Victoria Park coffee strip, rambling incessantly about your amazing experience, comparing with your friends and strongly considering going back for a second hour.

Our team was more than impressed and has already marked VR-ARRIVAL down as a Must Revisit, perfect for the winter months (or any time, really). Exceptional customer service, amazing experience and downright absolute fun on a cold morning.

Take the kids this winter holidays and experience it for yourself!

Don't forget, as a member you will save $10 on adult prices.*

*T&C's apply