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Keep yourself relaxed

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With all the craziness of Christmas, don't forget to give yourself some love and relaxation. Take a breather with our cool deals – think relaxing massages and chill floating sessions. Treat yourself to a spa day, shake off the stress, and feel good inside and out. In the midst of all the holiday chaos, it's important to take a little time for yourself.

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Salt Float Studio - 60 Min


Experience the ultimate mind and body wellness escape with our $20 off 60-minute session at Perth's SALT Float Studio deal. Within the luxurious South Perth studio, SALT's unparalleled floatation therapy is expertly crafted for stress and anxiety relief, improved sleep, physical recovery, and enhanced mindfulness, offering a transformative experience. Click here to get the deal!

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Salt Float Studio - 3 Floats


Perth's SALT Float Studio offers a quick, one-hour escape from the stresses of modern life, within a luxurious South Perth studio. With the latest floatation therapy technology and exceptional client service, SALT provides a unique experience ideal for stress relief, anxiety reduction, better sleep, physical recovery, and enhanced mindfulness. Plus, you can enjoy this rejuvenating experience with our $87 off deal! Click here to get your 3 floats now!

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Orchid Day Spa


Enjoy a 20% discount on a 1-hour full-body massage at Orchid Day Spa, nestled in a serene European-style laneway in the heart of CBD. From the moment you step in, Orchid Day Spas friendly service will put you at ease. Choose from a variety of services, including 1-hour full-body aromatherapy massage for just $80. Click here for more details!

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Seu Momento


Save 48% on an Aroma Pamper Package for $130 (valued at $250) at Seu Momento Beauty. This package includes a 30-minute full body scrub and a 30-minute full body massage. Seu Momento Beauty offers a variety of beauty treatments, including facials, massage, and more for your ultimate relaxation. Do not miss this offer, click here now!

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Ganesha Wellness Spa


Save 50% on a Half-day Cocoon Spa Package for two people, now just $375 (usual price $799 for members, $198 for one). It includes various treatments like massage, facial or infrared sauna, foot detox, and snacks. Don't miss this fantastic spa deal! Click here to get your spa package now.

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Healthy Life Clinic


Get 4 sessions of Acupuncture/Dry Needling/Cupping at a 50% discount, now only $178 (usual price $356) with health fund rebates available. At Healthy Life Clinic, we offer a range of holistic treatments, including acupuncture to clear energy blockages and improve Qi flow, as well as dry needling for pain reduction and muscle function restoration. Experience these therapies and more for better well-being. Click here to book.

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The Little Gem Cafe Spa Massage


Get 32% off a single session at The Little Gem Spa Massage in North Perth. For just $119 (valued at $175), enjoy detox treatments and a drainage massage, including a consultation, hot stone treatment, a 50-minute lymphatic drainage massage, an anti-cellulite mask, a 45-minute herbal foot steam spa, and detox tea. Click here to get your session now.