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We need to establish this from the beginning - coordination is not our strong point.

So it was with a touch of trepidation that we went for our free trial at The Jiu Jitsu Studio in Midland. As a bit of a background bio: The Jiu Jitsu Studio has been training the adults and kids of Perth for over a decade and is owned and run by Lance, a hugely experienced martial artist with a Second Degree Black Belt in Kempo (Japanese) Jiu Jitsu and a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They host kids classes, adult classes and private training with the coaches seamlessly adjusting between the exemplary role model for the younguns to the tougher big bro for us big kids. On Saturday mornings they host Beginner BJJ classes for the grown ups like us, so it is entirely normal that you walk in knowing absolutely nada, just like we did. Yet, from the get-go we were welcomed with open arms from coaches and regulars alike and all nerves were out the door.

After the obligatory stretches and warming up we dove right in, guided with step-by-step instructions and visual displays. Within the 90 minute class we had the basic moves down and were flipping people all over the place, with our coach swinging by to offer hints, tips and the occassional terrible Dad Joke. Even if you are as horrendous with the coordination as we are, Lance will walk you though the steps with seemingly infinite patience until you have it.By the end of the class we were hooked. A couple of days and some coffee later and the muscles don't hurt quite so much. The fun and comraderie is what sticks with you, though, so we will definitely be back next week for our next class. And some more horrendous jokes about sore legs being 'ag-o-knee'.

See you on the mats!

Visit The Jiu Jitsu Studios Facebook page and check it out for yourself with a free trial.